Roof skylight fitting

Roof Skylights in Wimbledon and London


Skylights for domestic and commerical buildings

In addition to roofing installations our Wimbledon team are capable of installing skylights, roof lights and windows. We have been fitting roof lights in Wimbledon for many years so have the expert know how to provide a high quality service to any requirement. Roof lights are an essential part of providing a source of lighting and ventilation to buildings that need it.

No matter your requirement our roofers can install or replace any type of skylight on flat & pitched roofs, this includes GRP, PVC, polycarbonate single skin and insulated roof lights. The most common reasons for a replacement roof light is due to discoloration or cracks from becoming brittle, if this applies to you please get in touch as we are happy to help.

Skylights enhance a room dramatically, whether it is for your home or a commercial building it mkes for a better working or living space. Let us know your requirements by clicking the button below and we can arrange a visit.

Rooflight types

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